Ramblings: All you need is love

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While I typically don’t make big statements outside of pop culture ramblings, I figure this warrants a special post.  Simply put, I’m proud to see this advancement for LGBT community, civil rights, and beyond.  So, I wanted to cross-post something I put on my Tumblog earlier in the night.

It’s amazing the world we live in.  Despite living in a world filled with so much tragedy, terror, and frustration, we also have so much good in the world as well.  Today/yesterday (depending on where you live) was truly a milestone in history for the United States and other countries following suite.  While we weren’t the first, we were far from the last.  While there is still much injustice in the world, seeing marriage equality is a step in the right direction.  I’m often very critical about the U.S., but it has always been a weird experiment that is always trying to better itself.  It’s flawed, like us.  It’s filled with so many opinions butting heads that cause change to move slowly.  However, when things come together to aid others, there’s tons of potential for great things.  To me, the national recognition of same-sex marriage is an example of great things.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for the rights and liberties of others.  I’m not here to make a rally or become some spokesperson, but merely say that I’m glad we’re getting closer towards goals of equality.  In fact, we’ll see how this affects and helps other movements for equality in the future.  More or less, those are my thoughts, as jumbled and incoherent as they might seem.
EDIT: Rewrote this a bit, since this was originally written by a horribly tired and drunken mind… hence why it was a bit of a well intended mess.  To be fair, the post is STILL jumbled.  None the less, I’m proud this event in history happened to begin with.

Image Source: Mladen Antonov