Movie Review: Ant Man (2015)

It’s always refreshing to enjoy a summer film by Marvel.  Last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy remains one of my favorite films by the studios.  This year’s summer hit tries to recapture the somewhat tongue-in-cheek mood we saw last year.  They more or less acknowledge this within the poster itself. Granted, this film knows what it is and how absurd it sounds.  But hey, the New 52 reboot of Aquaman did that self-aware metahumor to excellent effect.  All in all, it’s finely balanced with some pretty intense drama and some genuinely fascinating sequences.  While I genuinely enjoyed the movie, does it stand up to previous films?

Note: Spoilers Ahead.

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Movie Review: Avengers Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is the long awaited sequel to the first summer blockbuster hit, simply called “The Avengers.”  It brings back our favorite team, gives some well deserved cameos to some incredible friends and allies, which gives a nice follow up.  Overall, we have a good mix of old and new, to further expand the Avengers cinematic universe.  Our main cast is scene in whole new lights, for better or worse on their part.  While facing a new enemy, they must come to terms with their own faults or risk losing everything.  The sequel answers some questions, poses new ones, and goes off in plenty of other directions while we’re at it.  So, does the sequel do the cinematic series justice?  Find out for more!

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