Thoughts about AnimeNext ’14

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As promised, I figure I’d do a write-up on the convention itself! I’ve had quite the history with AnimeNext. While not as long as my sis, whose a veteran from the earlier days in Secaucus Convention Center, I have at least a good 6 – 7 years under my belt. Now, some conventions have been better than others. But, the last couple of years have hit an unfortunate slope of disappointment from a mix of overpopulation and lack of organization on a grander scale. Now, I know how much planning goes into making a huge event. The Q&A panels at the end of each convention give at least a little bit of insight for the common con-attendee, but experience behind the scenes certainly helps. That said, this convention has improved since 1 – 3 years ago, when it was probably around its lowest point. But, enough summaries, let’s dig a little deeper. As always, more after the jump…
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Live from AnimeNext!

So, since I’m going to be at the AnimeNext Expo from June 6th through 8th, I might do something different. I’m thinking of reviewing the convention… at least from what I’m able to tackle. I’ll try to aim for must attend panels as well as comb the general area. Considering that I have 3 days, I think I can cover the latter. Anyway, if you’re also heading to the convention, I’ll probably see you there! If I can make it in cosplay, I’ll likely be Barry Burton from the Resident Evil games! So, please pardon the lateness.