The Doc Speaks: Konami, please stop.

Tacky?  Tasteless?  Perhaps!  But, it’s one way of capturing the well deserved backlash, right?

Oh, Konami!  You’re either gluttons for pain or you’re the biggest brunch of trolls within the gaming fandom this side of <insert joke about your disliked side in a gaming fandom conflict of choice here>. A ways back, my complete distaste and disgust was reserved for Electronic Arts (alias, “EA Games.”  Over the years, my ire towards many companies came and went.  This is mostly because they became less relevant and suffered for their mistakes.  That or they realized what they have been doing wrong and have made an effort to correct their past issues.  In EA’s case, one could say it’s the former leading into the latter.  However, the time to grill them is over… for now.  We’re here to dig into Konami!  I have a feeling the disdain for Konami will not vanish any time soon.

NOTE:  I know I didn’t post anything during the previous weekend.  The fair I volunteered at took a fair bit out of me, in addition to my non-stop job hunting… which may as well be a job all its own.  So, my time feels squeezed and attempting to balance it is quite the struggle.  As always, thanks for understanding.  Also, if you’re keeping a distance from the Konami clusterfuck, please understand my reasons for continuing to be flustered with a company that I supported for ages.

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Game Review: Splatoon (2015)

There should be no doubt that I have been quite hyped about this game.  I’ve seen something about it almost everywhere.  And considering a new IP from Nintendo pops up once in a blue moon, there’s reason to celebrate!  This new IP in particular is Ninty’s leap into their own shooting arena game.  Sure, we’ve had some moments of that in Starfox and to my memory even Metroid, but those were far from the main feature of those titles.  Here, we have a unique and high octane game that’s all Nintendo.  Let’s swim deep into the colorful land of the Inklings and find out more!

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Game Review: The Kingdom of Loathing

You’ve probably seen the name from time to time but wondered, “what exactly is The Kingdom of Loathing?”  As someone whose played the game myself, I’m glad you asked!  In short, “An Adventurer is You!”  Now, that might suffice for a few folks out there, but for the rest?  Well, let me explain!

Kingdom of Loathing is a relatively long running MMO game released by Asymmetric Publications back in 2003.  It’s also a free to play game, before free-to-play was cool!  Most of the revenue comes from merchandise as well as a donation box fueled by gamers like you!  So, while donating gives you cool stuff, it’s not mandatory and the game stands up well enough without it.  However, I wouldn’t discover this little gem till mid-2005 and again in mid-2006.  The gameplay is based upon choose your own adventure and text-based game mechanics, with stick art sprites as visuals.  Adventuring is done through clicking various locations and performing various actions (many of which are displayed in an MMO combat menu).  However, the writing is driven by nods towards various popular culture works, clever meta-humor, and amusing jokes in general.  So, what makes up this world of stick figures and surreal laughs?  Let’s find out, shall we?

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