On hiatus, future posts, etc

So, I’ve been away from this blog for a while and I’m gonna admit, I’m not feeling super motivated at the moment.  Tons of awesome stuff has passed me by.  Sure, I can still tackle this stuff, but it wouldn’t be the same.  Also, the hiatus has gone on for much longer than I anticipated.  To be honest, I’m not sure I want to come back yet.  One of the reasons I left is simple, I didn’t really like doing what I was doing anymore.  I’m mostly hoping I can recapture that passion and interest I had before.  I’m also battling depression and personal frustration in a life that seems so very upside-down.  I’d, again, like to thank everyone for bearing with me.  That said, I can only hope I’ll muster whatever is needed to come back to this page and put forth some engaging editorials and informative reviews.  Till later.