New Year, New Doc?

Well, I’ll start off by saying I’m awful at New Year’s Resolutions.  They’re usually pretty lofty ideals and sometimes non achievable goals anyway.  That said, I want to figure ways to improve this page as much as possible.  It’s a new year and a chance to start again.  Things slowed down and nearly fell apart last year due to many factors going on in my life… and quite frankly, I don’t want that to happen another time!  Whether it means that a slow but consistent schedule is made (slower than the current one) or something else is to be determined.  I won’t feel discouraged and give up on this page, as I’ve already sunk a good 3 – 4 years of my life writing all sorts of stuff.  With that, I’m taking a break as I go on vacation once more to refresh my mind and get ready for the year ahead.  I’ll see you all on the week of the 10th!


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