My sympathies for the victims of the Paris Attacks

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I was going to make a rambling post, but I’d rather say that my heart and thoughts go out to those affected by attacks by hateful extremists.  Every day, I am saddened by humanity being pulled down by ignorance and hate; the people who perpetuate this violence are indeed a part of it.  This is just a reminder that we must come together in solidarity and love rather than let hate take over us.  This is what hateful people want, including many propagandists who want to pin and blame a scapegoat or generalizing an entire population.  We’re better than that.  Let’s help the affected rebuild, even if it’s through moral support, and show that we are connected as a greater humanity.  If there’s one good thing about the Information Age, it is bringing us all together.

IMAGE CREDIT: Jean Jullien

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