I’m not dead!

So, life’s been stressful and chaotic as always.  I needed a bit of a vacation of sorts… even though most of it involved volunteering or work.  But, whatever works, I suppose.

Now, down to business.  My release schedule has become largely dependent on my time available.  A mix of working at my current job as well as searching for another one was largely consumed the time I need.  As a result, my other projects have suffered a tad.  Believe me, this brings me no pleasure…  In fact, it hurts me a little.  Writing, creative craft, what have you; it means the world to me!  But, I have to do what I can.  I’ll certainly have something by Wednesday or Thursday.  And I’ll try my best to maintain a weekly schedule.  Granted, I implied this back 3 months ago, at the very least.  I’ll try to iron out something, so I have a proper system, so to speak.  My brief break did me some good though.

So there you have it.  I look forward to posting more content soon.

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