Ramblings: Don’t worry, I’m not leaving yet!

I live, I die, I live again!

Pardon the lack of proper updates.  I deleted the last one because it seemed out of place.  To be blunt, I’ve been a bit of a mental wreck lately and my quality of work has suffered for it.  My game content has slowed down tremendously and I’ve slowed down on this page as well.  Perhaps I just needed a week to collect my thoughts and try to focus on my own life first.  Being a paranoid recluse on the web doesn’t help, especially in light of events such as the passing of the TPP (that’s Trans-Pacific Partnership bill, if you didn’t know.)  For all I know, my anxiety is ungrounded and quasi-superstitious.  But, from what I gather we have a bill that’s outsourcing jobs we don’t have, resulting in a career I may never obtain.  Not to mention possibly leaving more environmental conservation/preservation (which is something I find important) in the hands of companies that could honestly care less.  Plus, potential issues on food safety play a valid concern.  On top of that, copyright claim based censorship that could destroy independent artists and online communities really has me down.  As someone trying to get their start on the web, I feel any doofus could harass me with claims and destroy my career in a mere moment.  Again, this might just be paranoia from an unsound mind, so who knows?  Either way, I’m trying to rest up and be in the right mindset to produce enjoyable stuff for everyone to dive into.  If I can’t produce quality, then I’ve failed one of my missions.  Stay cool as always, readers!


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