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I believe that’s enough ranting on my blog for a while. I want to attempt some level of professionalism. After all, this isn’t a random/how-I-feel/whatever blog after all. With that, I’m going to try to keep my rambles a little less focused on shouting and more so pondering and thoughts that I think might bring up interesting ideas and topics.  Though come to think of it, my old drunken rants sounded just as absurd and incoherent as my sober ones.  Perhaps it’s for the best that I try to avoid ranting and raving like a lunatic.  After all, my aim is to provide some insight into various media; whether it’s reviewing the high and low points of something or just giving my opinion on other things.  That said, I’ll still have some mad ramblings here or there, especially considering the weird and wonderful world we live in.


Ramblings/Review: A look at HATRED

A Lighthearted Adventure for the Whole Family!

People have asked me to review the 2015 game, “HATRED”.  So I dived deeper, watched some videos, and delved into it myself (thanks to people who wanted to purchase the game).  After a couple of hours of slogging through waves of NPCs ways, I had enough and decided to fulfill the request of many. In the end, I didn’t so much write a review, but an angry tangent instead.  So, what did I think of Hatred?  In short, I found it vapid, repetitive, and sophomoric. While many other games do that (well), this one does all of it poorly.  If you wanna see the rest of my ranting tangent, read on.

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Ramblings: Nerd Rage vs. Mad Max

It’s no secret, I love the Mad Max Fury Road. Both old and new elements combine to create a great story with brilliant atmosphere and characters. The new lead of Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) was especially fantastic! That said, I’m not gonna retread my review, just because I enjoyed the film that much. In fact, the following rant was removed from the original review, as I felt it simply wasn’t appropriate for a post that’s supposed to be about reviewing the movie itself.  That said, you can still read the review here if you wish. Take what you want from it and ignore the rest, this was merely the mad ramblings of someone who doesn’t understand smug jerks on the web who think their opinions are the best damn thing since cookie butter! (And let me tell you, cookie butter is amazing!)
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