Ramblings: Nerd Rage vs. Mad Max

It’s no secret, I love the Mad Max Fury Road. Both old and new elements combine to create a great story with brilliant atmosphere and characters. The new lead of Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) was especially fantastic! That said, I’m not gonna retread my review, just because I enjoyed the film that much. In fact, the following rant was removed from the original review, as I felt it simply wasn’t appropriate for a post that’s supposed to be about reviewing the movie itself.  That said, you can still read the review here if you wish. Take what you want from it and ignore the rest, this was merely the mad ramblings of someone who doesn’t understand smug jerks on the web who think their opinions are the best damn thing since cookie butter! (And let me tell you, cookie butter is amazing!)

One thing that kinda makes me scratch my head isn’t so much from the movie, but the spectators. As I joked on twitter, there’s idiots from every fringe opinion complaining or incessantly yapping about the movie and here I am just enjoying a great movie. And that’s exactly what happened. Meanwhile, we have all sorts of websites trying to make some sort of identity politics statements about the film, even though there wasn’t much to be found. Whether said supposed “viewpoints” in the film were good or bad, someone was shouting about it. Some used their interpretations as an excuse to boycott the film altogether! Now, interpretations of a movie are fine, I do it all the time. But treating your opinion as a factual manifesto crosses the line a little.

Plus, once you take into account that after the apocalypse, the Mad Max ‘verse was mostly populated by bandits and scavengers, it’s safe to say a lot of old world morality pretty much goes down the drain. Granted, even in the apocalypse, slavers are nasty assholes that deserve no respect… and Joe was feared a lot more than respected! Also, I felt like topics of gender would have deeply impacted me more if the film wasn’t about groups of crazy people and survivalists vying to bring back civilization as they personally saw fit. Plus, some of the critics really did injustice to what made Joe an interesting villain in the first place. He’s a strong military leader who wanted to bring back some form of society. Only what he got was a heavily archaic style society from somewhere out of a Conan the Barbarian. Though, I guess what Robert E. Howard said about society eventually falling back an ancient/tribal state had some merit to it after all. Either way, Joe seemed content with that, as long as he maintained absolute power with his quasi “divine” status. Also, I didn’t so much see Furiosa as a feminist icon so much as a well written and strong character who wasn’t defined by either her disability or that she was a woman. She was defined by her actions of liberating oppressed slaves and fighting back against Joe’s mad regime.  By similar notion, I don’t see how making her a badass hero makes Max look bad or takes away from Max’s coolness or makes the film a work of so-called “propaganda” (which makes me wonder if people know what propaganda actually is.)  On the contrary, they’re both awesome for their own reasons and prove to make a sweet nice team. On the flipside, this isn’t some elaborate statement on feminism either.  Hell, if you had genders of the cast flipped, I’m sure waves of Tumblrites would be foaming at the mouth, crying about wet knees or something.  To be fair, the “mens rights” crew is pretty hurt in the bum over the movie as is, so a flipside rage would be fair. But hey, websites run by bored ideological extremes and “factioneers” love to stir an argument because it generates come good old fashioned cash, since outrage is everyone’s favorite pastime in the internet age. But since yourmoviesucks already talked in length about this, I’ll just leave that there.

I guess it’s safe to say we’re all just as crazy as the countless raider and colonist masses from a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Hell, contemporary internet culture seems to be pretty close to a post-apocalyptic nightmare anyway… only with more hipsters. That or most critics (which I suppose includes me) are narcissistic and entitled adult-children. Next time, I shouldn’t let the lunacy of the internet ruin my enjoyment of otherwise fantastic works. But whatever, let’s just agree that the film is fucking fantastic and if you haven’t seen the film yet… Well, what excuse do you have?

EDIT:  My god, the nerd rage over the new comic books is amazing.  Never change, heavily opinionated nerds, never change!


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