Film Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Rock ‘N’ Roll!

Greetings from the untamed waste, my good prospectors and bandits!  The summer blockbuster season has only just begun as we’ve seen a couple familiar faces either be teased (i.e. Jurassic World) or make their way to theatres everywhere (i.e. Avengers, Poltergeist).  Among those beloved franchises is one that has stood the poisoned sands of time, Mad Max.  Despite speculation over being a reboot or sequel, George Miller himself described it as more a return to the universe’s mythology instead.  As to how this film fits in the series, it’s left relatively vague.  In fact, the date the series take place has been altered by speculation and retcon alike.  Likely picking up somewhere after Thunderdome (since it’s not really described when), this film focuses on Imperator Furiosa’s rebellion against tyrannical leader and slaver, Immortan Joe.  In fact, while Max gets plenty of time to explore how his character continues to handle the empty Outback, Furiosa’s story takes center stage.  So, how does the film handle?  Well, let’s take some war rigs down Fury Road and find out!

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Guest Review: The Mirror by bound-incubus

Hey, everyone!  Lots of bedlum happening in my own chaotic sector of the multiverse here.  No matter, one of my friends (who I’m addressing by their tumblr name) was eager to submit a review involving the rather new-ish horror film from Britain called, “The Mirror”.  While my opinions differ on this film, my guest is the one doing the review and not me.  Rather than blabbing away on an intro segment like I always do, I figure I’ll let him jump right into it.

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Ramblings: Hail to the King

It still feels weird, losing an icon like B.B. King; one of the last true legends of the blues genre.  While readers know I’ve always loved hard rock and heavy metal music, both of those forms of musics wouldn’t exist without the blues; especially the more electric blues/proto-rock’n’roll pioneered by artists like King.  I was upset by his passing, but it didn’t really hit me till now.  His sudden death caught me off guard as I was trying to write a review.  Compete that with catching the “con flu” (from the convention I attended over the weekend) and I was in a hazy state of mind.  Needless to say, I feel like heading to my folks’ place and asking to borrow some vinyl records (of the blues master myself) is an appropriate way of paying tribute.

Ramblings: There’s more to fantasy than knights and castles

I know I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but it still really irks me when I mention “fantasy” and people have a set picture in mind.  The image that springs to mind is a faux-Tolkien world that’s vaguely like Medieval Europe (while countless other continents lie in the distance and aren’t focused on.)  That’s all well and good, since the LotR books and films as well as the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game are indeed quite popular.  However, my interests tend to lean towards science-fantasy (a la retrofuturism, Thundarr/He-Man, and Star Wars) as well as modern-fantasy as well.  Something about applying futurism (or modernity) to magick and monsters appeals for some reason, that setting it in a specified era of the past just won’t.  And even then, people tend to think very troperiffic urban fantasy when they think of what I’m talking about.  Ya know, there’s a big masquerade where the supernatural hides behind some veil, locations are almost always some real world city largely unaffected by the magical, there’s probably some romantic sub-plot involving said supernatural or something.  All in all, I’m not a fan.  I want adventure, mystery, and what have you with a modern twist.  Give me bizarre magic-tech that looks much like what we have now (or at least within post-WWII – post-Cold War time frame.)  Give me molemen bankers who live in the same vaults they store stuff in, dwarves who have a monopoly on a pub franchise chain, dark warlocks firing enchanted bullets from an uzi, weird stuff like that!  See, that’s the kind of weird stuff I like.  For reference on what I’m talking about, read “Nightside” and “Perdido Street Station”

Image Source: Kentaro Kanamoto

Movie Review: Avengers Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is the long awaited sequel to the first summer blockbuster hit, simply called “The Avengers.”  It brings back our favorite team, gives some well deserved cameos to some incredible friends and allies, which gives a nice follow up.  Overall, we have a good mix of old and new, to further expand the Avengers cinematic universe.  Our main cast is scene in whole new lights, for better or worse on their part.  While facing a new enemy, they must come to terms with their own faults or risk losing everything.  The sequel answers some questions, poses new ones, and goes off in plenty of other directions while we’re at it.  So, does the sequel do the cinematic series justice?  Find out for more!

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It’s astounding, time is fleeting!

Madness takes its toll!

When my work was originally a tumblr blog, I typically posted updates at the end of every week.  However, I had found it more comfortable to post in the middle of the week instead.  And thus, Tuesdays/Wednesdays were the typical mark for my posting times.  However, as my personal projects collide with all sorts of issues in real life, I’m starting to think that returning to the weekend is for the best.

There’s another thing I want to mention.  After job hunting and some decent enough seasonal jobs, I might finally have something a little more steady.  As such, my schedule might be rocky until I can fully adjust.  So, with my schedule up in the air, we’ll see how this works and if I need to change things up.  As always, I aim to keep a consistent schedule, rather than an unorganized and turbulent one.  But no matter, I’ll see everyone in a couple days.

The Doc Speaks: Hype Machine, Hate Machine

Oh boy, MORE Drizz’t!

Hype.  There’s a word with a lot of connotations and consequences, right there.  To an extent, everything receives it.  It’s all a part of spreading ideas and communicating.  We share what we enjoy, it’s what we as people have done for ages.  To borrow from Dawkins’ theory on the ‘meme’, popular ideas spread almost like a virus and eventually evolve too.  And while it’s great to see something you’re passionate about spread all over the world, a saturation point is inevitably reached.  At a certain point, the joy and fun of whatever is popular becomes robbed for many… and this assumes they were invested in the idea to begin with!  For those who never cared, it can range from a minor groan and eye roll to agonizing frustration at almost every turn.  For this reason, we have a page on TVTropes called “Hype Backlash.”  While you could say that everything will always receive “THE HATERS”, things go a little bit deeper than that.  Let’s dive into it, shall we?

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