Ramblings: Is Konami doomed?

For the past couple months, all I’ve seen from the company is a mix of disappointment and shock.  First tensions between Kojima and Konami surge, putting projects like Silent Hills on the line, then Kojima is fired and people speculate that MGS5 is canned (which is wasn’t), Del Toro confirms that Silent Hills is cancelled, and yesterday Konami was taken off the NYSE.  Considering the loss of a major power player as well as Konami vanishing from the mainstream by the looks of it, I can only think of a grim future for the company.  I’ve heard the company has transitioned to apps, which I find mildly depressing too.  But, I have a frothing hatred of most apps and app games, so there’s that.  I also wonder what they’re going to do with their tabletop games like the yu-gi-oh franchise.  I guess we’ll find out that and much more in the months to come.

(As an unrelated note, the article I submitted last week has been sent back for editing.  Hopefully, we’ll have my content good to go within the next couple of weeks.)

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