Nostalgia Review: Goosebumps Escape from Horrorland

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“Horrorland may seem like a scary, foreboding place… BECAUSE IT IS!”

NOTE: Pardon the lateness!  Things have been a bit stressful on my end, but the show must go on!

Like many children in the 1990s, there weren’t too many book series that really garnered my attention.  One of the many exceptions was a certain youth-oriented horror series by R.L. Stine, who was already famous for the “Fear Street” series (aimed towards Teenagers).  Of course, I’m referring to the Goosebumps books.  They were fun, creepy, and usually pretty campy.  At times ,the scariest parts about the stories were the at-times graphic cover images.  Despite how silly many view the books nowadays, one couldn’t help but admire the incredible following the books had in the 1990s through the early 2000s.  While there have been attempts at recapturing that bit of lightning in a bottle with series like “Goosebumps Horrorland”, the massive explosion of popularity will match up to such a huge phenomenon.  Considering the series was pretty much everywhere, countless bits of merchandise popped up all over.  This included shirts, toys, a television adaptation, and even a laughable stage adaptation (that was thankfully short lived.) While some parts of the popularity boom sucked (including waves of imitators), others were truly memorable for many reasons!

However, I’m not here to talk about those things so much as one of the video games adapted as a sequel of sorts to “One Day at Horrorland”, the story of the Morris family trying to survive a demented amusement park ran by deranged monsters.  Needless to say, the family escapes from wicked rides and a diabolic game show before one of the monsters offers them tickets for another visit!  The game picks up afterwards where those tickets have magically showed up again.  Against better judgement, Lizzy Morris (from the original story) decides to study them, only for their dark magick to take its toll and abduct the whole family (and Cole, a neighborhood friend) back to Horrorland!  Grab a ticket and join me on this thrill ride!

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Ramblings: Is Konami doomed?

For the past couple months, all I’ve seen from the company is a mix of disappointment and shock.  First tensions between Kojima and Konami surge, putting projects like Silent Hills on the line, then Kojima is fired and people speculate that MGS5 is canned (which is wasn’t), Del Toro confirms that Silent Hills is cancelled, and yesterday Konami was taken off the NYSE.  Considering the loss of a major power player as well as Konami vanishing from the mainstream by the looks of it, I can only think of a grim future for the company.  I’ve heard the company has transitioned to apps, which I find mildly depressing too.  But, I have a frothing hatred of most apps and app games, so there’s that.  I also wonder what they’re going to do with their tabletop games like the yu-gi-oh franchise.  I guess we’ll find out that and much more in the months to come.

(As an unrelated note, the article I submitted last week has been sent back for editing.  Hopefully, we’ll have my content good to go within the next couple of weeks.)

Video Game Review: Bloodborne

I won’t lie, I’ve been waiting to cover this game for a while now!  I won’t deny it, I’m a huge fan of From Software’s line of brutally challenging fantasy-horror games!  Since 2009, they’ve delivered punishing, but fair action strategy games which force the player to study the environment and learn from their continuous failures.  The previous Soul series in particular relied on defending yourself from danger while striking the foe at the right time.  You could shield an enemy’s devastating attack while delivering one of your own.  And lucky for you, your armor can sometimes absorb some of that pain.  Of course, this is all to reflect those worlds’ faux-Medieval fantasy analogue.  Bloodborne discards many of those concepts, while still keeping a lot of familiarity.  The land of Yharnam is one emerging into an industrial age.  But, before modernization truly takes off, a sickening plague has washed over the lands.  Of course, this concept should seem familiar to Souls fans everywhere.  However, this one plays it up a bit differently.  Instead of a curse that drains life from the world, this infectious plague spread madness and mutation.  If Souls is gritty pulp, Bloodborne is a hybrid of Gothic and Lovecraftian style horror.  Does it live up to the legacy?  Does it do something different?  If so, is it too far or not far enough?

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A couple of ideas and then some.

So, my draft’s all done.  Time to wait and see if it’s approved.  In the meantime, more regular posts are on the way.  In addition, one of my friends pitched a good idea.  In addition to my regular posts, adding some informal posts would be a good idea.  These would be random ramblings, mini-reviews, what have you.  While not as in-depth or developed as my regular posts, these would be merely thoughts off the top of my head or random little discussions.  In fact, after I finish this week’s post, that will probably be a thing I do.

A Week Break and Long Due Announcement!

Recently, I’ve been interviewing at various new jobs after a seasonal one I was working for draws near close.  I need something more longterm while I hope to expand this site, as well as my gaming page into something more.  But, that’s not the exact point of my announcement.  First off, I’m beginning a new venture into YouTube.  I’m teaming up with some other recent video makers to form a gaming, review, and other media related channel.  The name?  Flumph Cast!  (Yes, named after the notorious D&D Creature.)  This project is in the works, so I won’t say too much more.

In other news, I’m starting to branch my work out a bit, in hopes of submitting it to magazines.  With some hope, my upcoming work will be accepted.  On top of that, I’m going to explore a slight fiction narrative in some of my work.  For most who don’t know, the original idea for Doctor Necrotic (back in my earlier tumblr days) was a roleplaying blog revolving a paranoid mad scientist in an otherwise empty Cold War bunker.  He views works of science fiction as absolute science fact and is paranoid about the outside world.  I’m hoping to bring that to my occasional “guest reviews” of sorts, a fun little side thing on top of my regular reviews.

As always, stay tuned for more.  There’s plenty on the way.

Album Review – The Incredible Dark Carnival (Sam Haynes)

The Incredible Dark Carnival

It’s certainly no lie that I’ve enjoyed the soothing sounds of dark electro artist, Sam Haynes.  And while the warming months approach us and it’s time to play outside, his music reminds us that there are plenty of things out there that can send a chill down our spines.  And since this is my third review of his awesome music, this might as well be a “chillogy” of sorts!  (Please don’t hurt me.)

As I’ve stated in prior reviews, Sam Haynes’ work has a focus on ambient textures mixed in with some electric groove beats.  With plenty of tracks to wake the dead at any party or terrify guests of any corporeal state, his twisted creations bring a delightful variety to the table.  Plus, it’s been interesting to see how he’s altered and evolved his sound with incorporation of new motifs and styles.  So, how does this album change the mold?  Buy your ticket for the show and attend The Incredible Dark Carnival to find out.

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Cult Game Review: Pool Edge

Rarely are we given the chance to see cutting edge design in a simulation game.  Most games fall flat when put to test, whether it’s because of mechanical limits or immersion breaking errors.  As such, any sense of realism is lost.  Some games indulge in their mediocrity (such as the both beloved and maligned Goat Simulator) while others try to hide it with various results (such as the infamous Street Cleaning Simulator.) However, all of those fall to the wayside when put up against the simulationist glory that is Pool Edge.  In fact, there are tons of reasons ahead why this game was “cutting edge!”  (I’ll work on my humor in the future, I promise.)

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