TV Review – American Horror Story: Freakshow

AHS Freakshow

Author’s Note: After a turbulent week, it’s good to be back! Despite all the chaos that’s been happening, expect everything to be back on track.

Every season, the FX anthology series, “American Horror Story” delivers fresh takes on various tropes within horror mythology. Most of these are conveyed as deconstructions or sometimes even playing cliches and conventions straight, sometimes to fantastic effect!  In previous seasons, we explored haunted houses, corrupt asylums, and a survivalist witch’s coven.  This previous season took a look at that the classic notion of the freak show, with a wide assortment of classic carnival motifs thrown in for good measure too. Throughout the season, we followed the swan song of Elsa Mars’ Cabinet of Curiosities; a dying freak show that’s among one of the last of its kind. The public has pretty much moved on from that sort of act (as a line the finale helps to reinforce) as attention is brought to the freaks through all sorts of diabolic mayhem and murder! In some senses of the term, diabolic is oddly appropriate! Given AHS’ reputation with previous seasons, how much better did Freakshow fare? First, it’s time to raise the curtains and start the show!
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Hurdles and Obstacles…

From a faulty computer, to the norovirus, to a blizzard, to helping a friend recover a tabletop game he lost at MAGFest; the past 7 days have been quite interesting, to say the least.  I hate putting my work on hiatus, I hate not getting work done!  It really tears at me that something hasn’t been completed for my minimum weekly post!  However, I doubt I’ll have my current post finished today (which is still, as of this post, Monday).  Expect it tomorrow (Tuesday) and for me to be back on schedule.  I’d like to apologize for any inconvenience that’s happened this past week.  It’s been crazy, really fucking crazy!  Let’s hope shit like that doesn’t happen for a long, long time.

Pardon the lateness!

I’ve been bumping into some hardcore tech bugs.  Luckily for me, my computer’s backed up so if the cursed machine crashes, I can work on another one just like that.  Also, I found out that top of the line gaming nukes me fans too.  So, my computer’s gonna be in the shop after resting for nearly a day.

Cult Film Review: Steamboy (2004)


Over ten years ago, I was an awkward and geeky teen like many others.  Among my many hobbies was collecting all sorts of Japanese animation (or anime) titles.  Granted, this was the turning point from “crack is cheaper” to anime being readily available at a decent price.  Some time during ’03/’04, a program on G4TV/TechTV announced a new movie by the director of AKIRA (Katsuhiro Otomo) which takes place in a dystopian Britain. Here, a young inventor must protect a secret experiment from greedy businessmen and power-hungry bureaucrats after losing his father and nearly losing his grandfather in an industrial accident.

At the time, I was slightly new to the emerging “steampunk” fad, so I was coloured intrigued!  Upon watching the movie, I found it to be an enjoyable action picture with a cool protagonist I related too.  Now, it’s over a decade later and I’m a fair bit different from my slightly younger self.  So, how does this picture hold up today?  Let’s turn some valves and let loose some steam as we discuss “Steamboy”.
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Doctor Necrotic’s Big Vacation!

So, I’m taking a break down in Virginia.  It’s partially to visit family, partially because my family does it every year.  Even though I don’t venture home much, I figure it’s a good way of spending time with the folks.  So, I’m using the week to just take a break from everything, even reviews.  Also, the internet’s pretty shoddy here…  I’ll be back this Saturday and my schedule will resume from there.  Later, everyone!