Cult Film Review: Puppet Master

Puppet master

As far as cult films go, this was one of my favorites. In honor of the Halloween season, I’m coming back to give it another look! It’s a haunted house story with creepy puppets and a team of weird psychics, what’s not to love? But the real question is if this Full Moon Direct early project still as good as I remember. Let’s dive deep into my collection of b-movies on VHS and watch Puppet Master once more.
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The Doc Speaks: Can Survival Horror… Survive Itself?

action vs survival horror


As many other writers have mentioned, the video game genre of “survival horror” has struggled immensely; especially in the last few years. Is the genre gone for good? Certainly not! We’ve had quite a few entries to entertain and terrify in the past few years alone. That said, survival horror has mostly faded into obscurity, as its fandom has been equally brushed to the side. So, what gives? Why is everything about hyper-graphic action horror rather than atmospheric horror with a more psychological tinge? Let’s welcome ourselves back to a world of survival horror!
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The Doc Speaks – D&D Monster Rambling 3 – The Third One!

Monster manual

I’m back once more to dive into my favorite spooky, scary monster of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse!  I’ve already covered planar beings and the walking dead, so I’m going to change my focus a bit; the dark tricksters of D&D! I’m talking about the fair folk and shapeshifters specifically! Sure, the scare factor of other strange creatures might excel these nasty creatures, but one shouldn’t discount these beings too much! No matter, let’s turn the page and talk about some monsters!
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Album Review: Spine Chillers by Sam Haynes

The horror-driven rave of independent electronic artist, Sam Haynes, returns from the grave once more! And what better time than the Halloween season? Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s always Halloween in Necrotic’s wonderful and weird world. Just because October has come and gone doesn’t mean I’m not up for anything horror related! And that’s where this album comes in. As you remember, I was quite the fan of the previous album called, “Ghost Stories.” But this begs the question, does Spine Chillers live up to it or maybe even surpass it? Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started!
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Guest Review: Annabelle (by Bound-Incubus)

Since I’m working entire weekends throughout October, I’m still figuring out a schedule so I can deliver reviews on time.  Don’t worry, things won’t be so screwy next week. Although, I’ll probably just post what I’m writing really early in the morning anyway.  In the meantime, please enjoy a review of the 2014 horror film, “Annabelle.” 

Without further ado, the floor belongs to Bound Incubus (one of my friends, you may recognize him from a previous guest review.)

Note:  The opinions in this review might not reflect my opinions on the film.


Annabelle Poster

Film: Annabelle (2014) – Warner Bros. Pictures.
So I recently saw Annabelle, actually on the day it was released because I was very excited to see this movie. I’d seen The Conjuring in theaters and it was pretty scary and very few horror movies make me jump and yell, which it accomplished it very well. I had high expectations for Annabelle and I was not disappointed.
As advertised, this is a prequel somewhat to The Conjuring, which featured a small story before the main movie about the doll Annabelle that two nurses and their roommate had and were being terrorized by before Ed and Lorraine Warren took the doll into their posession. This movie takes place one year before the nurses obtain the doll and how Annabelle came to be. I’ll talk about the real story, and how it relates to the movie as well as discrepencies to give the full effect of the movie.
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