Game Review: Wolfenstein The New Order

Wolfenstein The New Order

This is the sequel we’ve been waiting for! Our boy, Blazko is back! And in this installment, weird and wild Nazi super-science creates even more strange adversaries to plaster with lead! Now, this wouldn’t be complete without an alternate timeline and everything! But, The New Order takes it a step further. The Year is 1960, we lost WWII, and the Nazis rule over the world! Despite Captain Blazkowics’ failure to stop Deathshead all those years ago, he’s back to set things right! More after the jump…
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From the Vaults: Resident Evil (Remake)

So, I’m a biased Resident Evil fan. With that, here’s my take on 2002’s remake of the first game for the Gamecube.


“Welcome back to the world of survival horror”

This is a game I’ve been waiting to cover for a while now. Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil/Biohazard Rebirth, or simply, “REmake” is the 2002 update to the 1996 classic. This game took the formulas of the original that made it so fascinating and scary and completely revamped it by adding enhanced graphics, ambiance, score, creatures, and even new plot elements.

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Finding a New Path!

So, mutants and monster; I propose an idea! The idea came to me in a fever dream (or rather, something that popped into my head while I was getting over a flu.)  For about a year I’ve been dabbling with Pathfinder homebrew on my Tumblr blog.  So, who would be interested in making seeing a new blog dedicated to creating pathfinder homebrew here? Tumblr was a fun website, but not a professional one. Besides, I only use Tumblr for funny pictures, reposts of my articles, and talking with fellow artists/writers on techniques and ideas nowadays. To me, moving to WordPress marked something new, something better.

Film Review: Witch Hunt (1994)


A ways back, I covered an urban fantasy film called, “Cast a Deadly Spell”, which injected a post-War film noir aspect into the realms of modern fantasy. The sequel, “Witch Hunt” focuses on Cold War paranoia being represented by the abuse of magicks.

In the introduction, we’re given a TV newsreel of the world of L.A.! But, it’s not our L.A., as magic is everywhere in this atomic age fantasy. But, this decay in morality is too much for Senator Larson Crockett! His goal is to put an end to magic once and for all! Will he succeed? And of course, what insidious power is really at work here?
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Television Review: BBC’s Sherlock


Those who know me personally deal with the fact that I’m reluctant to try new things. But, after a bit of pushing, I gave the BBC adaptation of Sherlock a try. Sure, I could have focused on single episodes, but I wanted to write more about the series as a whole. So… what did I think? Find out after the jump!
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From The Vaults: Iced Earth’s Dystopia

Here’s a look back at the Iced Earth album before “Plagues of Babylon”. Personally, I liked Dystopia a lot more! Find out why!

Iced Earth - Dystopia
As promised, the sequel to my Horrorshow review is here! Does Dystopia hold up to previous great records? Can Stu Block bring back that essence Iced Earth was lacking?
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Losing one great artist too many

First I hear about losing Dave Brockie a month ago and now H.R. Giger!  This news really wrecked my day. To say that Giger had been an inspiration to me is an understatement. I saw the discomfort and terror from his dreams within his art, but also something more.  Giger inspired me to see my nightmares as a beautiful form of artwork, and just as beautiful as my good dreams.  RIP H.R. Giger

Necrotic Editorial: Fantasy can be anything… Right?

Weird City


Fantasy at its core embraces both the improbable and the impossible.  In the realms of fantasy, almost anything can be achieved through the right means!  This can be through belief or a bit of ingenuity.  It was our dreams that invented both possibilities for the past and present that helped to forge fantasy in the first place after all.  But when people hear fantasy fiction, we tend to think of a select few items.  These are typically castles, ancient warriors, classic melee weapons, and royal societies.  On top of that, fantasy usually takes a Euro-centric turn towards societies from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance.  But surely, there’s a lot more to fantastic fiction than this, right?  Of course!

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From the Vaults: Nightmare House 2

I love indie horror games and this one is no exception. Enjoy my take on the source engine mod, Nightmare House!

Nightmare House 2


“No one escapes Nightmare House”

(NOTE:  Review contains spoilers.  Also, you will require Half-Life 2 Episode 2 to play this.)

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