From The Vaults: TimeSplitters Future Perfect


“You’re not from around here, are you?” – Jo-Beth

Today we look into a personal favorite of mine!  Without further ado, it’s time to split!

While TS4 may never see the light of day, we are still given a fantastic trilogy of video games.  TimeSplitters Future Perfect is the third game in the series that takes off where the second left off.  Sgt. Cortez has fled his space station after a direct assault by the TimeSplitters during the final level of TS2.  His new goal is tracking down the minds responsible for this atrocity during the course of 3.  Being TimeSplitters, it fiddles with time travel more than Doctor Who does.  Cortez has funny dialogues with himself and time paradox antics ensue to say the least.

As for the plot it’s more tied together than the first two.  Cortez is on a mission to stop these abominations from destroying space and time.  Along the way, he discovers a madman, Jacob Crow, is responsible for the genesis of this evil… or at least helping it to spread throughout the cosmos.  While the series has had several plots, like the machine war and the discovery of the Time Splitters at the turn of the century, the story was more so an anthology rather than an overarching plot like 3.  Instead of taking control of other characters throughout history, you’re Space Man… I mean Cortez.

The TimeSplitters engine only gets better in this game.  The NPC assistant controls a lot smoother in single player.  In fact, that GoldenEye style remains just as strong as ever throughout the game.

The story continues the insane and quirky nature of the series with an equally engaging sense of humor.  From the witty quips of Cortez to NPC banter, the jokes range from double entendre filled sophomoric antics to a more sophisticated and “geeky” humor.

Each piece of the story is fun and engaging and the characters always remain interesting.  The settings range from the historical/retro to the futuristic.  I’d like to talk about my favorite parts of the game. 

My personal favorite companion (What?  I’m a Whovian) has to be Amy Chen from the U-Genix levels.  She’s a badass super spy/agent who takes no shit!  She’s kickass without feeling forced, doesn’t need to be overly sexualized, and makes for an awesome team-up with Cortez.  I almost wish the game could have had more than her.  Plus, she was much cooler than Jo-Beth.  (Sorry fans, I think she’s a typical teenage brat!) 

Levelwise, Mansion of Madness and What Lies Below are my top favs.  The atmosphere in that level is pure awesome.  Now, TimeSplitters has always had its horror homage, dating back to the Cursed Village and Gallows Hill Manor in the first game.  Despite that, this one takes the cake!  It even beats Notre Dame from TimeSplitters 2.  The mansion itself is a lot scarier than the thematic enemies that pop up.  Though, that mutant faux-splitter in the mines got the jump on me.  Not to mention Lenny Oldburn/Weird Science Guy/Not-Ozzy’s pet, “Princess”.  Hell, Lenny alone is great.  He’s a mad scientist who tested the formula for the TimeSplitter-esque creatures on himself, making him a babbling idiot.  The fact that he can’t die is kind of amusing too.

Aside from the single player campaign, other aspects like multiplayer and other modes are worth mentioning too.  While your typical FPS has at least 4 -6 extra modes, TimeSplitters has at least 10, including mapmaker and various challenge modes.  With enough tinkering, it’s more than possible to recreate maps very similar to maps from previous games.

The multi player is also tons of fun, with the previously mentioned map creator as well as a multitude of unlockable weaponss and characters to choose from.  With such modes like shrink, virus, vampire, and more, there’s a mode for almost any kind of play!  And what would an FPS be without essentials like elimination, deathmatch, and capture the flag… I mean, bag!  While the single player is enjoyable, the multi player makes for a great party game and an even better time!

And so, if tongue-in-cheek science fiction with time travel in the style of Back to the Future or Doctor Who is your thing, you’ll love TimeSplitters.


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