Some words of welcome and my general game plan

For those who’ve followed my on Tumblr previously, welcome!  Needless to say, I’ve become rather tired of that website.  The experience has been exhausting and disappointing, to say the least.  That said, I’ll still post on my Tumblr blogs, but if I can help it, I’ll make this page my focus. I won’t delete my old blog, and I’ll probably start cross-posting to there. And if I get the income, I’ll probably upgrade this page and truly keep it as my main priority, making it as professional as possible.

That said, I plan on using this blog primarily for honing my skills in reviewing. Needless to say, after exploring this site for a bit, I feel like I’m going up against the big leagues. While intimidating, I’m certainly up for the challenge! Now, as for a schedule, I plan on posting content “from the vaults” mid-week and new content at the end of the week. After I’m finished with “The Vaults”, I’ll see what else I can dig up and post.

Also, I’m considering a separate blog dedicated to my roleplaying game stuff as well. While I’ll review and talk about roleplaying games on this blog occasionally, that’s not my focus. Campaigns and homebrew will probably appear on another one.

Anyway, here’s to hoping this fresh start will turn out to be another step towards something good in the future.


EDIT: I’ll probably become more active once I find out how to operate this site. It didn’t take me too long to figure out Tumblr, I’m sure I can handle this.


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